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Known to many as the “A-Team”, the Amanda’s share the same die-hard commitment for the equine industry. These partners-in-crime met during their undergrad years at Texas A&M. In addition to building the NavaRio brand, they are dedicated to the Brazos County Equestrian  4-H Club as coaches and club managers. As products of their horse crazed love from a young age, they want to share their passion with fellow equestrians and help them succeed in achieving their goals.

Amanda Driewer

Amanda Vincent


"Chaos Coordinator"

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Director of Operations

Amanda Driewer’s life long passion has always been to share her knowledge and love of horses with others. Although she didn’t grow up in a “horsey” family, that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams. Participating in her local riding clubs and 4-H, drove her to constantly raise the bar.

Amanda graduated from Texas A&M (‘15) with a degree from the Biological Agricultural Engineering Department. As a member of the Texas A&M Horse Judging Team, she gained valuable experience and expanded her professional network within the Brazos Valley area.

During her senior year Amanda decided to volunteer with the Brazos County 4-H Equestrian Club and shortly after became the head coach for the horse judging team. Dedicating herself to the team, she wanted to create more opportunities for youth in the community.

What started as a small, private practice for her team grew into what is now an annual event hosting, 100+ contestants with some driving over 200 miles to attend. This has led to new opportunities for NavaRio throughout the state with the Ranch Horse Show Series being the biggest achievement to date.

Her passion for the equine industry and community is the driving force behind NavaRio Productions.

Growing up listening to her Paw-Paw’s stories about his cowboy days, Amanda Vincent has always had a passion for horses and agriculture. Involving herself with her local equine community at a young age, she gained invaluable experience as a barn manager, riding instructor, and competitor.

Amanda graduated Texas A&M (‘16) with a double B.S. in Animal Science and Poultry Science which led her to gain the title of Feed Safety/Quality Assurance Manager at feed mill. Her enthusiasm for horses coupled with her vast knowledge makes her a jack of all trades and a leading force in the industry. 

Amanda became involved with the Equestrian Club in January of 2016 and quickly made herself an integral part of the team. This is where the legendary A-Team was born. From coaching horse judging, to starting the club’s first ever Hippology Team, hosting team events, and organizing meetings she can do it all! 

In December of 2019 she was voted into the Brazos Extension Horse Committee. The committee is dedicated to supporting equine industry growth and education in Brazos County.

For every NavaRio event over the past two years Amanda has always been rock solid. Her marketing skills have been essential to the development of our brand and is always a friendly face at the registration table. Having helped conceptualize the dream that is NavaRio, Amanda has been through every step of the process.

At the end of the day, it takes a village. We value everyone that has stood next to us and believed in our brand.

It's not just about the hard work of few, it is about the support and dedication of the network of horsemen and horsewomen we call, NavaRio Ranch.