Cyber Horse Show Palooza


Love to show but hate to pack up your whole barn for a day of traveling? Then this virtual horse show is PERFECT for you - compete from the comfort of your own arena! 

Just register, record your run, and you're DONE! Pretty simple right?!

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Did you know that you will be receiving judge's commentary AND score cards on your submitted videos? What better way to learn than to hear it straight from the judge?!

Check out this example from our last cyber show of the judge's voiceover!

patterns and rules 


What you should know about the NavaRio Cyber Show Palooza:


The Cyber Show Palooza is intended for competitors to get valuable feedback from experienced judges on common classes. Safety and education are the two highest priorities of this show and competitors should act in accordance with these values. 

Dates to Remember:

Registration: 8/1-8/21

Video Submission Deadline: 8/28


In addition to feedback and scorecards high point horse/rider pairs for each category and division will receive awards. Award categories include:


  • All Around High Point - all points from each horse/rider pair in each division will be combined

  • Western High Point - all points from the following classes from each horse/rider pair will be added

    • Halter (either mares or geldings)

    • Showmanship

    • Horsemanship

    • Western Riding

    • Trail

    • Western Dressage

    • Lunge Line

  • Ranch High Point - all points from the following classes from each horse/rider pair will be added

    • Ranch Conformation (either mares or geldings)

    • Ranch Riding

    • Stock Horse Pleasure

    • Ranch Trail

    • Ranch Reining

    • Freestyle Reining

    • Lunge Line

  • English High Point - all points from the following classes from each horse/rider pair will be added

    • Halter (either mares or geldings)

    • Showmanship

    • Hunter Hack

    • Hunter Under Saddle

    • Hunter Seat Equitation

    • English Dressage

    • Lunge Line

* only 1 entry for halter, showmanship and lunge line allowed when competing for all-around. Halter and Ranch Conformation are judged separately.


How to film your classes:

Halter and Conformation Classes:  Please submit a continuous video containing 10 seconds from the front, left side, back, and right side of your horse. When videoing the profile be sure to capture your horse standing square and do not crop out the head or feet. 


All Pattern Classes: All pattern classes should be filmed continuously from the point specified in the pattern. Videos that are too blurry, grainy, or dark to be judged will be rejected and you will have one opportunity to resubmit. Failure to do so will be considered a scratch from the class.

Hunter Hack: Hunter Hack fences should be placed at a height of 2' 3" for all divisions except for Open in which the fence should be set at 2' 6".


Freestyle Reining: Freestyle reining should include 8 maneuvers including spins in either direction, rollbacks, sliding stops, and circles. Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes. Competitors are encouraged to be creative when using props and costumes. 


Lunge Line: Should be filmed in an arena or field if safe to do so. Lunge line videos in round pens will be disqualified. You will have 2 minutes to exhibit your horse. Horses should be shown in both directions and should attempt to show all three gaits in each direction (order of gaits is your choice).



  1. AQHA rules shall apply except in the case where NavaRio rules supersede. 

  2. Videos must be submitted via SaddleBook or the run will be considered scratched.

  3. The decisions of the judges are final and cannot be disputed.

  4. Competitors must compete in more than one class to be eligible for the high point award. 



  • Leadline (use Walk/Trot Patterns)

  • Walk/Trot Youth

  • Walk/Trot/Lope Youth

  • Green Horse

  • Junior Horse

  • Walk/Trot Adult

  • Novice

  • Amateur

  • Open

  • Select