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We are SO adamant about people registering early that we've completely designed our pricing for preregistration competitors to save up to $25 just for getting your name on the list - you don't even have to prepay! 

  • Preregistration (until 9/6/2019) - $85 all day

    • $15 per class or $75 for all day (6 classes same horse/rider/division)

    • $10 office fee

  • Regular Registration (9/7 - 9/19) - $100 all day

    • $15 per class or $90 for all day

    • $10 office fee

  • Day of Registration - $110 all day

    • $15 per class or $90 for all day

    • $20 office fee

Age Divisions:

  • W/T ONLY* Youth (18 & under)

  • W/T ONLY* Adult

  • W/T/L Youth (18 & under)

  • Green Horse (Horse is 3 or under)

  • Rookie (Rider's 1st or 2nd year showing)

  • Amateur (Has some previous experience in judged competition)

  • Open (Familiar with judged competition)

  • Select (Riders 50 & over)

When and Where

Show #2: October 19th, 2019

  • Registration: 7am

  • Start Time: 8am

Where: Silver Horse Arena

            4045 Golden Eagle   Bryan, TX

ClAss DescRiptions

Stock Horse Pleasure

Stock Horse Pleasure measures the ability of the horse to be pleasurable to ride while also exhibiting its ability to complete one ranch task to another. The horse should well-broke, relaxed, quiet, soft and cadenced at all gaits with a natural and levelheaded carriage. Ideally this horse will be ridden on a loose rein with light contact and not requiring excessive schooling or restraint. The horse should be responsive and willing while making timely transitions in a smooth and correct manner. This is a patterned class.


Ranch Rail

Just like the Stock Horse Pleasure class, Ranch Rail assess the ability of the horse the be a pleasure to ride while reflecting the versatility, attitude and movement of a working horse. This class simulates the need of a ranch horse to cover long distances softly and quietly while maintaining a working speed under the control of the rider. The judge will reward exhibitors on responsiveness and willingness, cadenced gaits, and light contact on the reins. This class is shown on the rail with multiple competitors in the arena at the same time.

Ranch Trail

This class tests the horse's ability to complete obstacles that might be encountered during everyday riding. The horse and rider are judging on correctness, efficiency and accuracy in with the obstacles are completed as described by the pattern. The horse should exhibit willingness and responsiveness while being well-broke and well-mannered. This is a patterned class.

Ranch Reining

This class measures the ability of the horse to perform basic handling maneuvers that include a combination of lead changes, stops, spins, circles, rollbacks and run downs. There are several standardized patterns that are recognized by AQHA and SHTX. The horse should be well-mannered and ridden on a trusting rein. This class is judged on responsiveness, timely transitions and correctness of pattern while exhibiting a high quality of movement. This is a patterned class.

Ranch Riding

The ranch riding pattern tests the horses ability of versatility, attitude and movement. The horse is judged on quality of movement, overall manners and responsiveness will performing the required maneuvers. While the horse should be shown at a forward working speed, it should be under the control of rider with light contact on the reins. This is a patterned.

To learn more visit the Stock Horse of Texas Education Page

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