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Privacy Policy

Data Category
Data Type
Why We Collect This Data
Legal Basis
Examples of How This Data is Collected
Personal data that you have provided
Email address, zip code, name, etc.
Subscription forms, contact forms, etc.
Your data collected by NavaRio
IP address, web browser used, operating system, etc.
Create services, improve products and services, fraud monitoring, communications, and marketing
Data is required in order to provide users with best possible service. And we are interested in what users are interested in.
Anonymously via analytics
Data utilized for analytics
Clicks, time spent on pages, etc. does not associate this data to individual user identities unless otherwise stated as mentioned above. 

Webforms uses webforms forms on this site. These forms require users to give contact information such as email, name, phone number. Contact information from the registration form is used only to send material relating to NavaRio Ranch Horse Productions updates and announcements, for which it was collected and will not be sold to another party.

Distribution of collected information:

  • will not disclose, without your consent, personal information collected about you, except for certain explicit circumstances in which disclosure is required by law.

  • will not distribute or sell personal information to third-party organizations.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to the or sites. You should review the privacy statement posted on or web sites when you visit them. 

Privacy Statement Revisions:

This Privacy Statement was last revised on January 26th, 2021. We may change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason. We encourage you to review this Privacy Statement each time you visit the web site.

Responsibility for External Sites:

This website may contain links to other web sites. Some of those web sites may be operated by third parties. We provide the links for your convenience, but we do not review, control, or monitor the privacy practices of web sites operated by others.

We are not responsible for the performance of web sites operated by third parties or for your business dealings with them. Therefore, whenever you leave this web site we recommend that you review each web site's privacy practices and make your own conclusions regarding the adequacy of these practices.

How to contact us

Any questions can be directed to

NavaRio Ranch Horse Productions is committed to protecting the privacy and accuracy of confidential information to the extent possible, subject to provisions of state and federal law. Other than as required by laws that guarantee public access to certain types of information, or in response to subpoenas or other legal instruments that authorize access, personal information is not actively shared. In particular, we do not re-distribute or sell personal information collected on our web servers. 

Personal information is only collected when subscribing to receive newsletters or updates, and registering for events (via, a third-party site). is hosted by which uses their own Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Copyright.

So What Type of Info Do We Collect and What Do We Do With It??

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